Persuasive Essay: Why People Should People Stop Smoking

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Why people should stop smoking In many ways, people relieve stress by smoking each day. Most people do not know or do not seem to care about how much damage it does to their body and environment. Despite these definite facts that accompany smoking, cigarettes and cigars have practically a staple in most people 's living conditions and lifestyle. Whether people are planning on smoking, or already longtime smokers, you should definitely not smoke, as it does a lot more damage in return than fix your mental problems. Smoking destroys relationships, the environment, and health, and there are many reasons and facts on why people should put cigarettes out. Longtime smokers, and beginner smokers alike develop extremely severe health problems and…show more content…
One major thing that some people see as ethically wrong, is smoking in public, specifically around children and pregnant women. Secondhand smoke is a worldwide, and well-known cause of diseases or deaths in people who haven 't even smoked before in their lives. Studies done by the National Cancer Institute show that secondhand smoke travels around 20 feet from the source, and lasts for around 2 hours, making it easy for secondhand smoke to cause severe health problems in people who are clean from smoking, such as pneumonia, and bronchitis. Pregnant women who inhale secondhand smoke have a higher chance of giving birth to an underweight baby, and babies who inhale secondhand smoke can develop lung infections early on. Smoking doesn’t just affect other 's health, but also social interactions and personal reputation on others. Smoking does not set a good example for children, as most children that have parents/guardians who smoke, are more likely to smoke as well, since it shows them that it 's acceptable to do. It also affects the relationships people may have with family and friends, as most people do not want to be around someone who constantly smokes and smells like cigarettes. Not one of these is more crucial than the other, in the way that they all affect people 's family and
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