Persuasive Essay: Why Professional Athletes Get Paid?

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Persuasive Essay
I personally think it is unfair to the teachers, law enforcers, firefighter, etc… that professional athletes make way more money than they do. The average salary for a professional basketball player (NBA) is about 5.15 Million per year, MLB (baseball) 3.2 Million yearly, NHL (Hockey) 2.4 Million, NFL (Football) 1.9 Million yearly. That is a lot of money , especially compared to what teachers get paid. A teacher makes approximately $35,000-$55,000 yearly. So this means that an average player in the NBA is making up to 150 times more than a teacher. That is an extraordinary pay difference. An average firefighter make about $45,250, Law Enforcement $26,000-$49,000 that is up to 200 times less than an NBA player. These Cops, and
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