Persuasive Essay: Why School Should Start Later For Students

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School should start later for students. Not having enough sleep can cause long-term health problems. The average teenager gets at minimum 5-6 hours of sleep, including me. Because of this problem schools need to start later so health isn't such a bad problem as well as other issues. The amount of sleep you do need is on average 8-9.5 hours of sleep. You need this amount of sleep to be able to focus the next day. As a Student, I feel if I was able to get the rest I needed and then go to school more energized I would enjoy school a lot more. Somedays I would be in such a rush to get to school before 8:00 I wouldn’t even eat breakfast. If you don't get enough sleep after a while it can cause serious brain damage such as a loss of 25 percent of…show more content…
This problem makes sense, but kids also need to have their phones/ electronics in their room because 60% of 16-34 year-olds use their phones as alarms. In addition, kids have some type of light in their room which disrupts meditation. Those things can cause 2 hours of lost sleep. Things that aren't helping the situation that adults and kids do is drink caffeine, and energy drinks. Also, extra sleep on the weekends can cause you to lose sleep on the weekdays. this happens because when you sleep a lot on the weekend and on Sunday you're not tired you don't get enough the night of making you tired on Monday. Even though schools can not control what students do out of school, they can accept it and help them out by moving school to a later time. There are many reasons why adults and kids don’t get enough sleep and there are things that they can do to help, but schools should definitely consider making school start later. If school started earlier health wouldn't be such a problem. Having only 5 hours of sleep is very unhealthy and it's the school district's fault. They should fix this problem and acknowledge that their students would have the largest improvement in school if the time school started was downstream. School boards, I strongly urge you to change the start of schools very
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