Argumentative Essay: Should We Prevent School Uniforms?

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What if your school eliminated all the logos, pictures, patterns, and even some colors from your clothing options? This exact thing has happened at around twenty-three percent of public schools in the U.S, and your school could be next. Unless you enjoy being forced to wear the same thing every day, school uniforms are most likely clashing with your ideas of a good education. School uniforms hinder students because they are difficult to enforce, students lose freedom of expression, and they are an unfair expense or even a financial burden for parents.
First of all, school uniforms are extremely difficult to enforce. They require many changes and new rules. Students don't enjoy their loss of privilege, which can lead to rebellion against the uniforms or even the school's supervisors. When I was in elementary, my school had uniforms. I was a brand new student, not looking forward to wearing a navy, red, or white polo shirt every day. My very first week there, I got in trouble for wearing a slight maroon shirt instead of bright red. I was sent to the office, where I had to change into one of the school's lost and found red shirts. Furthermore, my school had to have an entire supply closet of uniforms for kids who failed to follow dress protocols. In addition, students don't enjoy wearing the uniforms. In fact, in paragraph seventeen of article three, Peter, an 11th grader who wears what he wants at his high school in Maryland, says, "school uniforms could be an unwelcome hurdle in social
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Uniformity is not always the way to go, unless you are a communist. They don't benefit students, and they are a burden to carry. After all, getting a good education isn't about what you wear, it's about what you learn. So if you don't want uniforms in your school, speak out. It's the least you can
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