Pros And Cons Of Really Learning At School

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Imagine going to school just for the heck of it , going to school just to meet up with friends and have fun. People happen to think that schools are just showing off and not really teaching because school are basically competing with eachother to see who ever is the best school. On my perspective we are not learning anything benefical because will we carry everything we learned throughout our entire lives? What happens if we are in college and didn 't need everythings. On the other hands its good that people learned many things because they can grow up and be creative in different ways. Firstly, some schools are not doing a great job because they dont really care, they just want to get the kids over with so that they can just move on with…show more content…
' Students happen to be in classes that are unneccesary because the classes arent going to teach you anything when you become an adult. Instead we shoud have classes that teach us about the world and classes that teach us what we can do when we all grow up. However, if any problem happens we should automatically know what to do because we already been prepared on how to handle exclusive situations. Us students should have classes and learn the materials then use those materials in every day life so we can all start being succesful in a variety of ways. Instead us students are developing things we will not learn in our daily life which is not worth it what so ever. Therefore, the materials were learning at school is not worth it because we shoul learn other more important stuff that will help us in the future and that will helps us in every situtaion. What happens after students graduate from college and want to live a normal life , like get a house a job and maybe purchase a car. Other than that High schoolers go to school for the fun things like dance. Some teachers are trying to motivate students who are willing to have a better future many different opportunites in the world that will be worth it. The teachers that teach leadership are well appreciated because they seem to help students get out of all there comfort zone and some teach students to be able to talk in front of a large crowd. I happen to barley…show more content…
We need classes that will help us in our dear future that way whatever happens we can be organized and prepared. Students should be in classes that and students should be learning skills that will engage them and most importantly get skills that are from college. Some high schools dont even pass out any homework and the students in that high school do not feel any smart because they think that they are doing better than others. Additonally, There are other schools that are Academies that teach students about college and they prepare students by giving them a full amount of homework every single night because that is what makes all the students more smarter. Firstly, there are students who think that they will never do good in schools because of the less amount of homework they are doing . Teachers happen to ignore any important topics like The Jim Crow Law because they think it 's not benefical at all, but
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