Persuasive Essay: Why School Who Is The Best School?

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Imagine going to school just for the heck of it , going to school just to meet up with friends and have fun. People happen to think that schools are just showing off and not really teaching because school are basically competing with eachother to see who ever is the best school. On my perspective we are not learning anything benefical because will we carry everything we learned throughout our entire lives? What happens if we are in college and didn 't need everythings. On the other hands its good that people learned many things because they can grow up and be creative in different ways. Firstly, some schools are not doing a great job because they dont really care, they just want to get the kids over with so that they can just move on with there lives. I feel like schools need to teach more things youll need in the future. For example , like a tax class or a class to start motivating yourself , speaking to others . The same thing all over and all over again isn 't doing any justice for anyone at all. Students happen to get extremly tired of doing the same thing all over again , the reason why they do it is because they have to do. Student 's happen to wonder why there learning or reading books about old people who happen to be dead. Instead all schools should upgrade , they should start doing good for every student there is, then at the end it will all be worth it.

The question is 'What are you really learning at school. ' Students happen to be in classes that are

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