Persuasive Essay: Why Schools Should Be A Four Week

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The school district of Pennsylvania is the first district to have a four day week for school. Some people are thrilled and amazed that school is a four day week, but kids will love that to happen. I believe that school should be a four day week because schools will save more money and they would have kids that could do better in school when they have a day off to finish anything they are falling behind in. I persuade you to have schools for four days a week.

First of all, kids have that day to be with their family that works every single day and that they are not in the house when they got home from school. I understand that school is very important for your education, but some kids don 't even have the time to say "hi" to their
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Therefore, students should have the chance to finish things that they haven 't finished that is school work. This might seem silly, but it 's true some kids don 't finish most of their work in school, but the day the district is giving kids a day off every week is really helpful for everyone. I find school fun, but things could get out of hand when you get concentrated too much in school work that stresses out kids.

The school district is very important and they have the money to give us school items and laptops to help us with our education and keep learning new things and vocabulary words. This doesn 't have nothing to do with it, but the district could save hundreds of dollars when kids are not in school because they food that they give us kids cost money and when kids are not in school we save money because there is no one to give things because they aren 't buying anything.

In conclusion, a four day week is great and kids will have time to spend with their loved ones. I agree that school should be four days because it 's helpful to everyone and people in school like the janitors and the ladies that cook because they need to rest too. They come to school every day happy to be with kids and helping them but come one, everyone needs at least a day of each week to rest or do
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