Cost Of College Life Essay

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College, a path that most people will end up thinking about to pursue a career in something they love but is college necessary. There are a few issues with college though and why for some people it might not be worth the hassle of going to school and paying for it during a span of 4 to 8 years for some degrees. The next issue with it is that we learn a whole bunch about things that do not even pertain to what we want to study like for example at TCC you must take a social science which would most likely be phycology and if your major is engineering you spend money on a class that does not even help you towards learning about your major. The next issue is that in the modern era information about certain things like coding for example you could learn how to do it on your own time without having to pay for it. Let us start with, paying for school which whenever you think of college the debt that students get put in when they take out loans to pay for expensive classes. Many people have gone into horrible debt to become a teacher and do not…show more content…
So many videos of people just handing you information for free and they themselves have worked or have taught this before and know what is necessary and what is just extra. And if you ever what to learn anything else in your life you just must scroll through your computer and start learning you do not have to start all over with another degree and struggle in that process all over again with even more debt added and more time take from you. Lastly would be that since you can just learn from your computer the teachers job would be easier also the jobs would be scarcer therefore making the job more competitive helping the student get the most out of what they are
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