Persuasive Essay: Why Should Guns Be Banned?

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Guns have been with us for centuries whether it be for hunting or defending, we can all agree it’s something in our life now that most think it’s unnecessary and just causes destruction and that it should be banned, but is that the real answer? If guns were to be taken away it would only cause them to be stashed illegally, so it would barely make a difference. And riots would which is kinda counterintuitive if you think about it. Not only that it would cause more violence around places where hunting was acceptable. It all in would cause more damage than letting people own firearms. Banning the use of firearms would only cause more destruction,more havoc, and make guns distributed illegally isn’t that against the point? The Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms, this was made after the American Revolution as a right that could not be taken away. The right to bear arms comes from the fact that all men and women should be able to defend themselves from threats. Some people do think guns are unnecessary and that now we are more civilized than before and that guns just cause destruction while…show more content…
Gun’s need to be handled carefully Gun owners need background checks. When a gun is handled, it should be handled carefully as it can cause destruction. Gun owners, need background checks as to make sure they aren’t mentally ill or have done bad deeds in the past. A events happened where a gun was stored in a book bag and it was shot on accident inflicting damage to a nearby student, this could have been avoided. In owning a gun many are check for background information, but these protocols are not as good they need to be strengthen.Guns need to be handled carefully or it could very well cause a disaster, and checks need to be stronger to make sure guns do not fall into the wrong hands. Next, the
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