Persuasive Essay: Why Should It Should Homework?

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There are 24 hours in a day. Each day, five days a week, for approximately nine months, students of all ages spend seven of those 24 hours at school. They sit in hard chairs staring at the at the bundles of assignments given to them, their pencils scribbling away. Finally when the bell rings announcing the end of the school day they race home desperate for a break. They walk in the door of their home with sore backs, tired eyes, and growling stomachs. They sit down on their couches and take a deep breath, they made it through the day. But their peaceful moment is quickly interrupted. They remember the piles of homework they have. Their next thought is how will I ever get it done? I’m way too busy and I’m exhausted! Some people may say, well are they really that busy or are they wasting their time watching a movie or hanging out with friends? The truth is yes some people are really that busy, and no some people aren’t, ultimately it doesn’t matter. Homework takes too much time out of the lives of students. I propose we ban homework for the following reasons: it prolongs the school day and it gives students and teachers an added measure of stress; it doesn’t help students learn the concept that is being taught; and kids have other responsibilities and activities after…show more content…
It adds on to those seven hours students spend confined in school. Teachers often spend hours grading papers and projects. The question is, why then do they give homework? Doesn’t it limit their time with family too? Don’t they have other responsibilities outside of school? Teachers are only causing themselves more stress by assigning homework. “Worksheets and assignments have been assigned merely out of a sense of obligation to dole homework to students” (Graham). Teachers aren’t required to assign homework, but they do it because they think it’s necessary. Teachers who give homework to students need a very good reason for dragging out their school day
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