Persuasive Essay: Why Should Parents Helping Their Children

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Most parents don 't want their kids to suffer from any kind of pain, but everyone will come across some adversity at some point in their lives. So why would parents shelter their kids from failure and problems if they know their kids will have to deal with it someday? One man who understands this important concept is Solomon, and he says that "I believe that if I succeed in sheltering [my kids] from adversity, then I will have failed as a parent" (00:16:37-00:16:46). A parent is someone that should encourage their kids to grow and figure out who they are in the world while being there for them. If a parent does all the work for their child, then how will that child know how to take care of themselves when they are not living with their parents anymore? Good parents will not hold their kids back from reaching their full protentional, but they will

support them and encourage them to grow. Gopnik argues that "the whole point of that safe base is to encourage children to take risks and have adventures." Parents are supposed to raise their kids in a way that will ensure that their kids will be able to take care of themselves when they leave the house, not shield them from something that they will inevitably come across in the future.

If parents teach their kids life lessons through mistakes and failures in their childhood, then those kids will be better prepared for life and will develop a sense of identity at an earlier age. In "This Is Your Brain on Poor," Erika Hayasaki

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