Persuasive Essay: Why Should People Attend College

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Why Should People Attend College… Many people attend college but don’t understand all that comes with the benefit of attending college. There are people that don’t get the opportunity to attend college because of many reasons like having kids early, financial issues, and some just believe they are not smart enough to really make it. Though I don’t find the last excuse a valid enough reason to not attend school, a lot of people use that excuse to justify why they are not going to school. But let me just tell you, you are truly missing out on a great college experience and all the good things college must offer due to you not attending. The many good things college must offer is it broadens your horizon, helps you network, better opportunities,…show more content…
Some people may have the same goals or dreams as you do or you can get with them and plan to help your career. For example, I’m good with kids and I work as a teacher, a friend of mine is an also good with kids and she works as a school social worker, when I see a child with many bruises, need and or want help I would send this case to my friend the school social worker so that way she could properly handle and help the case. This type of networking happens over time for some people but there are many relationships that started as early as college and it has helped a lot of cases. Also it would help if you were trying to get a job in a company and someone you went to college also works there it would help them be able to put a good word in for you, due to the fact they know how good your work ethic is and what you are capable of doing and could sell you better to the company so they would hire you versus you just being a friend and they “think” you will do a good job. Networking in college could really have its benefits and it really helps that you can meet these people, but this could only be achieved if you did attend college. College gives people many opportunities once they graduate that many people who
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