Why We Should Smoking Be Banned

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Should smoking be banned? The topic of banning cigarettes has been a controversial subject for more than a century. More than 1 billion people around the world, but considering that it harms the smoker and everyone around him, should cigarettes be prohibited? Should the right to smoke be taken away? Firstly, All doctors and scientists agree that smoking is life threatening. Tobacco smoke can cause cancer and heart disease. Smoking does not just affect the smoker, but people nearby inhaling the smoke and becoming passive smokers. Even if Smokers desire to smoke, but some people near, do not choose to smoke without them doing it physically. People nearby should only smoke passively after knowing the risks and consequences. A complete ban on smoking is needed to protect people from passive smoking. There are many non-smoking…show more content…
This will harm other people in their house. This is important, since small infants or babies would be in the houses that are not old enough to choose freely to smoke passively. Lastly, it would be impossible to ban smoking, like prohibition in the US, where the USA banned alcohol. Gangsters take advantage of the ban and would earn money by selling cigarettes at a higher price. The gangs increase in numbers which means an increase in government problems. People will smoke in private places, ignoring the ban, these people are hard to monitor. People who do not smoke are unlikely to tell on smokers, in case they get in trouble with big gangs or even corrupt officers. If smoking is banned because it is harmful, then fast-food and even cars should be banned because they are also life threatening to human life as well. In my opinion, it is hard to ban smoking as there is a large amount of people addicted already. If it becomes banned problems just increase, it is better to leave it to the person in what to do with their body than instigating against
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