Persuasive Essay On Starting Schools Later

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Starting Schools Later Most student would agree that more sleep is better. Some students say that they feel way more energetic and can concentrate more if they got enough sleep. Do you feel any different from getting enough sleep? High schools have moved over to a later start because of the benefits of getting enough sleep. If schools switch to a later start time students will have the chance to get more sleep. Studies have shown that getting more sleep will increase the participation and that could lead to better grades. There are other benefits of starting later including saving money and many other things. Schools should start school at a letter time because of the many benefits it will have like more focus, better emotional behavior, and overall better health. There is and has been a small debate over starting schools later. Schools all over the world have different start times and the ones with early start time are debating to start later. Schools should…show more content…
Many studies have been done involving the correct amount of sleep for a teen and the positive effect it will have on them. Jessica Payne, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Norte Dame stated in this article “Without enough sleep, teenagers are losing the ability not only to solidify information but to transform and restructure it” (Hoffman). That means that teenagers without the right amount of sleep cannot concentrate and put the info they are gathering into a complete thought. That can be related to getting bad grades and not participating as much. Ms. LOU YOUNG a District Superintendent at Jessamine County said “We found that our students were more on time and in better attendance first period than they had been in a the past.” (Trudeau). She is talking about how students are participating more in school. Student who get enough sleep are more likely to participate and learn better in
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