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Pulling all-nighters because of a difficult test/final is becoming more common as students get older. Students stay up all night studying for their test only able to squeeze in a couple of hours of sleep. Then they end up fatigued or even falling asleep during the test. This results in you not doing the best you could have done if you were more focused and awake. If school started later, you wouldn’t be as tired during your test.The average school start time is 8:00, but studies show most pediatricians recommend starting school no earlier than 8:30. ( Starting school every day at 9:00 or later would have many benefits to your school life and overall health. Grades K-12 should start school no later than 9:00 am because this reduces the probability of health problems, lowers the risk of teen crashes, and improves students academic performance. Starting school later can improve your overall health and reduce the risk of any health problems now or in the near future. Starting…show more content…
As said in the previous topics, starting school early can lead to sleep deprivation which has a serious effect on students academic performance. According to “The American Academy of Sleep Medicine says that the lack of sleep impacts performance by reducing concentration, creating attention deficits, slowing reaction times, increasing distractibility… AASM also says that sleep-deprived people are more prone to making errors.” There was a study in 1998 by Amy Wolfson and Mary Carskadon about this topic. They surveyed more than 3,000 high school students about their grades. Their results showed that students with poor grades (C, D, or F) were getting about 25 fewer minutes of sleep than the students reporting better grades (A’s and B’s)( end that, starting school at a later time can result into students getting better grades and improving their academic

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