Persuasive Essay: Why Should Start School Start Later?

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It’s 6:30 am and my alarm has just gone off. I say to myself, just 10 more minutes. Aw man I have tests in all of my classes. I don’t feel like taking those tests. After about 15 minutes of staying in bed, I finally get out of my bed and get ready. In just minutes the first school bell will ring and I haven’t even gotten 7 hours of sleep. I think to myself, how am I going to be prepared for those tests while I am over here restless. Another hour has flown by in the nick of time and that’s when I grunt and say,”Ugh. First period already? I just need another hour worth of sleep. Why can’t the school day start later?” Starting school later however, can start some problems for some people like giving teachers and students not enough time to do their extra-curricular activities after school, along with many people not in favor of the new start time. While you and many other people would love that extra time to sleep because it is beneficial for your health but, it’s not worth it. That’s where a piece of evidence from Achieve 3000 comes in to help support that the extra minutes to sleep isn’t really worth it. To start this paragraph off, a piece of evidence to support the claim that schools shouldn’t start later is from “Support for sleeping in? Half of parents favor later school start times for teens” by Mental Health Weekly Digest and it states,”...there are real life concerns about how the change may interfere with after-school activities, logistics and school budgets.” This

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