Persuasive Essay: Why Should Students Pay Students?

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Schools are just like jobs. The boss expects the workers to stay on task and do their work well. Teachers want students to work hard and also do their work with effort. If schools really want students to succeed, shouldn’t they be paid? Paying students motivate them to work hard to learn the criteria. How do schools motivate them? With money. Students should be paid for their grades because it will teach them about the real world, level out the playing field, and raise graduation rates.

To begin, it is a good idea to pay students for their grades because it will teach them about the real world. Clare Levison, an accountant and a member of the National CPA Financial Literacy Commission states, “I think it can be an incentive, as long as you’re using it as a teachable moment to tell them about budgeting and saving.” What she means is that paying students helps them learn how to save their hard earned money and what to do with it. Paying students allow them to see what is it like to have a job and will benefit them in the
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Richard Daley, the Chicago mayor, and Michelle Rhee, a school chancellor, both agree that these programs (meaning school paying students) “level the playing field” for low-income kids, since middle-and upper-class families are able to offer their kids cash incentives for academic achievement. This means that paying students helps the low-income students have enough money to support their education and to be almost at the same level as the upper-class kids with families who can support their school life. Furthermore, paying students could also help gain the low-income students’ attention. This reward helps them resist getting into gangs or committing crimes because of their need for money. The result of students getting paid is that they will enjoy school more and engage in the activities with enthusiasm. All in all, paying students for grades levels the playing
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