Should Single People Adopt A Kid Essay

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Galvez Gustavo Page 1 Why single people should adopt a kid Around the world there are lots of people that are single. Some of the single people really want to adopt a kid and start a family of their own. The single people that wanted to have a kid but couldn't have a kid either they couldn’t have a kid because they have problems. People that are single really wanted to have a kid but the might not be sure what kind of papers he or she need in order to adopt a kid. Mostly it's the females that want to adopt a kid but a very few males that want to adopt a kid. Studies had shown that about 13,000 single people do a better job at taking care of their adopted kid than most of the couples around the world do (child welfare/single parents). The factors of taking care of the kid is hard because the kid either a baby or a youth don’t really obey the things the mom or dad say but for a baby its is understandable. Single people should be able to adopt kids so the person can give the kid a better life and show them the love they both need. Will single people actually do a better job at taking care of the kid if they could actually adopt them? Well by studies from around the world say that the majority of single…show more content…
Yet again there is families to help out. Some say that they feel so lonely and they won't find a boyfriend or husband their entire life. Life might be difficult for the single parent because they might have some negativity on their children. So the kid may not like to be with their parent cause of the way they treat them or for some other reason. Being overloaded with work with be super hard for you cause then you won't have enough time to spend with the kid and that's is what is wrong with the single mom or dad that they won't get to see the right kid at all especially if they have multiple
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