Persuasive Essay: Why Sports Are My Passion?

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Sports are my passion. Ever since I was little I was fascinated with the big leagues and how sports worked. I have looked up to so many people that are in the big leagues, and I have learned from them. The sport that I have stuck with since I was 4 is softball, softball is made up of 11 people that you will soon to call your sisters. The game is made up of hard work, dedication, and understanding. Those are the most important things when it comes to something you love and something that you want to work hard in. I’ve always been into the game and have that passion for the game. I started playing when I was 4 years old, which was t-ball, that’s when I first learned everything about the sport. Each day seemed to get harder and harder, but in the end I absolutely loved playing. Even at a young age I was very competitive, and still am to this day. That’s what playing sports are all about to most people. Then comes coach pitch, which is instead of a pitcher from your team throwing the ball past home plate for the other opponent to hit the ball, it is your coach. Then the rules become harder as you become older and are in your level of age group. The competitiveness becomes more intense each level.…show more content…
Let’s see, I don’t really remember my t-ball years but coach pitch I do. When I was in coach pitch it was really hard for me to adapt to someone throwing me the ball instead of it being on a t for me to hit. There was this one game, I was going up to bat and was super nervous. I set my feet like my dad showed me, and put my bat up and coach threw me the ball, and I actually hit it! Funny part is that once I hit it, I didn’t run to first base, I just stood there because I was sooo shocked! Everyone thought it was so funny, at that moment I didn’t think it was. It was actually embarrassing, but looking back at it today it seems really really

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