Persuasive Essay: Why Starting School Should Start Later?

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Do you have trouble getting out of bed early in the morning? Are you always falling asleep in class? Well then this is the article we will explore the problem of starting school later . Schools should start later because it ruins kids sleeping schedules, affects their body in many ways as well as their grades.Reason why school should start later it runes kids sleeping schedules it affects there body in many negative ways and grade Kids are like remote controlled cars because when they are recharging, their batteries gain energy so that the car can move. Although, if it isn 't fully charged, then the car will not go as far as it should be. It is the exact same thing with kids because if they do not get enough sleep then they will not have the energy to work play or what ever they have to do. According to Kid Source, 60% of student say that they where tired in class and 15% of them have fallen asleep in class. This means that 33 million kids in class are normally tired and this is only in the United States and Canada. This is a huge problem because that is most of the next generation of people and if they are tired then how is the human race going to evolve to…show more content…
If this where to happen then kid could be wide a wake in class and well rested. Further more if you don not sleep enough it could lead to sleep paralysis which cause you to see mythical things such as aliens demons and all sorts of nightmares in it you cannot move and a monster creeps up to you. Imagine this happening to a eight year old they would be to terrified to sleep. In addition to this kids would be more active because they have more energy to play and at night they will be out of energy so they fall asleep
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