Persuasive Essay: Why Students Should Start Later In High School

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Over and over again for countless number of years, we constantly hear that getting a good night's sleep is a key to success. However, only fifteen percent of high school students report getting eight hours of sleep on school nights. In order for students to be physically and mentally ready for a day of hard work, they need to be able to get enough sleep and this can be achieved by starting a typical school day just an hour later. The reasons for delaying the start of a school day is the fact that studies have shown fewer than half of the grade ten students get the amount of sleep they should be getting which leads to issues of teens dozing off during class time. If they can not stay awake in class, what will they learn? Another reason schools should start later in the day is sleep…show more content…
That moment right before your alarm rings, where you feel as if your are floating in the skies, and your pillow feel like it were made of the softest cotton, spun and woven by the angels of God himself. Then the alarm goes and students have to fight the urge to sleep and get up for another day of school. At around eight thirty, which is the average time for american schools to start, student sit down at their desk, having gotten less than eight hours of sleep. At that moment and time a student leans back on his chair, straightens his legs, one on top of the other, and folds his arms. Then with his head tilted slightly down, the student slowly slips into the unknown as the teacher's voice fades into the background. The bell rings and with a sudden jerk the student is up and walking out of his class, with nothing but a few minutes of sleep gained. Not an ounce of knowledge. being a student myself, I can tell you those few minutes of dozing are usually the most critical and important parts of the teacher's lecture. Test day comes and the student has no idea what write and ends up failing. All this can be fixed just by starting school an hour
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