Essay On Why Teachers Should Be Paid

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Floyd Mayweather was handed a 100 million dollar check right after his fight with Pacquiao. Floyd is the highest paid athlete. Teachers are one of the lowest paying college majors in America. While teachers prepare young adults to get ready for the real world and college and yet they get paid far less than what he is making in one match. Some students do not get attention at home and need that attention at school and teachers provide that. Teachers can have a personal connection with students serving as a friend and someone to encourage them to do the best they can. Teachers dedicate a part of their own life for their students. This is why teachers should be paid more than professional athletes. Preparing students for college is a goal teachers…show more content…
Teachers work so hard to train themselves to be able to teach students and interact with them. It is hard on teachers to deal with children who do not want to learn or could care less about what they are teaching. This creates emotional stress on teachers, very similar to that of professional athletes before big games. Teachers job security are determined by their students test performance, which can be unfair since some students just do not care. Professional athletes jobs can be determined by their performance as well, but the results lie in their hands. Those who become teachers know they probably will not be making big money. It is not about the income; they are in it for the outcome. Professional athletes know they are making big money no matter what. Professional athletes are important in today’s society just as well as teachers. Teachers work hard for the job they have just like professional athletes, so why is there so much of a income gap? After everything that teachers do for us why do we not give back to them by paying them more? Teachers are the educators of the society. A world can live without professional athletes, but not without teachers. Teachers should be paid more than professional
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