Persuasive Essay: Why The Arts Should Stay In Schools

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Why the Arts Should Stay In Schools In a perfect world, there would not be a debate over whether or not the Arts should be in schools. The Arts would still be in schools nationwide and their budgets would not keep getting cut. Sadly, we do not live in that perfect world and we are faced with the sad truth; many kids are not getting an education in the arts and are not living up to their full potential because so many arts programs have been cut nationwide. Kids are forced to focus on core classes and to constantly test. The Arts need to be in schools though, because it engages kids in a way that Math, Science, Social Studies and English cannot. In July of 2014, the National Association for Music Education released an article titled “20 Important Benefits of Music in Our Schools.” Listed in the article are several researched and backed up facts of why Music should be in the schools. Music can help engage kids in school and researchers have found that…show more content…
It tries to keep all kids on the same level and tries to keep them from swaying from the “right path.” It pushes testing, testing and more testing. And it allows little to no time for kids to be able to be kids. It drowns kids in homework, which is okay for the ones who don’t struggle with it; but for the ones that do, it causes them to lose sleep and not eat just so that they can finish an assignment. In the following political cartoon, it shows us a little girl, peaking out to what is unknown to her. The teacher is setting up tests for everyone and tells the little girl that she “does not want to be left behind.” Outside of the window that the child is looking through, you see that the arts, and other subjects, which are depicted as bright and colorful. While the room they are in is grey and bleak. If this is truly how kids view their learning environment, why do we keep forcing this upon
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