Should Fast Food Be Banned Essay

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“Ashley are you okay?” “No, I had fast food last night and it is making me feel so weird.” It's amazing to think that people would order food than to make it themselves. Do you realize that fast food has a lot of chemicals and fats? Well this might just change your whole perspective of ordering fast food. I believe that fast food is bad for people and should be banned in the U.S. Eating fast food can lead to so many bad things that can lead you to a life and death situation. It can lead to cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, heart attack, obesity, and stroke. Do you want that to happen to you? You in a room trying to to fight for your life because you were eating fast food? Probably not.
It is true that fast food can lead to millions of problems. I found that out last year when we watched it in school “Super Size Me” and a man named Morgan Spurlock wanted to see what would happen if he eats McDonald's for 30 days for 3 times a day. As Morgan Spurlock was eating fast food he started experiencing problems and started to gain weight, vomit, had a hard time breathing at night, and was almost obese. As it was
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Bet you didn’t. The chemical a gas that we put in our cars. The chemical is called Tertiary Butylhydroquinone. This is the chemical that you put in your car. This chemical is very dangerous. I also read that you should stay away from it. This chemical can lead to numerous side-effects such as morbid obesity. Did you know you can find that chemical in your McDonald's chicken nuggets? Even though, fast food could be delicious to eat, you really have to be careful of what's in it, such as this chemical, Don’t make anybody eat this junk! Do you want them sick? Of course, if you stay away and be aware about what's inside of your food then your family is going to be healthy. In conclusion, be aware of what is inside of your food, and what kinds of chemical may exist in your
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