Recommend You Lie Your Way To Success Essay

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I strongly recommend you lie your way to success. No, I don't mean sleep your way to success! I mean lie.

About Lies: Most of us have lied to ourselves on occasion. Stop and think about it? Isn't it true? Tell the truth now! If you say no, you are lying to yourself right now!

We tell the truth too. In fact, we probably tell the truth most of the time. We should do much more truth telling than lying. However, at the proper times, we should lie to ourselves. This is a very good thing if we want be successful and prosper.

I am not suggesting you lie to others, just to yourself. We need to be honest with people to maintain ethical standards, integrity and credibility. We need to be trustworthy and reliable. It is good for business and relationships too. However, if you truly want to be highly successful in life and achieve any big dreams you want to achieve, you must first learn to lie to yourself when the time is right.

To achieve a higher level of success in anything, we all need to become a higher level of person first. What do I mean by that?

Wouldn't you agree that more highly successful individuals in any field or in anything seem to be more amazing individuals?

Keys to Success: What makes some people more successful people and more amazing than others around them? It is who they are and who they have become. It is usually a
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Thousands of years of evolution of our conscious and subconscious brains have made it so. However, very highly successful individuals eliminate these thoughts as soon as they arise. They focus on the positives of every challenge. They look for the solutions. They know they will find a way. They are optimistic and totally confident of success. They visualize a successful outcome. They become focused, energized, powerful and unstoppable human beings! They have faith in themselves and in powers of the Universe, and they truly believe they will

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