Persuasive Essay: Why You Should Never Being Desperate Around Women

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Second, you should never act desperate around women. Being desperate (in a sexual way) is one of the most unattractive things you can do. The reason is because this means you simply would choose any woman to sleep with. As a result, she will feel anything but special to you! Therefore, you should instead be very selective about the women you want to date, and you do that by raising your standards. If you happen to not have any options yet, don't worry. All you have to remember is that you should not convey that emotion to women. Nobody knows what you think, therefore, everybody is biologically wired to intuitively judge by how you present yourself. This means you should simply act as if you already have more than enough options. However, this does not mean that you should play hard to get. It means you should never convey any emotions of neediness…show more content…
To prove this, think of a time when you had to cheer someone up. When you first asked them how they felt, they might have said, "fine", but their bodies clearly demonstrated a whole different story. Therefore, it's important to have your body language be congruent with your actual message. If you otherwise fail to do so, you might confidently approach a beautiful girl and use some memorized pick up line, but your body won't be congruent with what you say, hence the girl will notice it soon enough and that is a big red flag telling her you're incongruent, and therefore, most likely ungenuine, unconfident, and unreliable. These are the fundamentals behind the science of attracting beautiful women There is of course much more to attracting the most beautiful and sexy women, such as seducing them, but this should definitely set you in the right direction. Have you experienced some breakthroughs from this article? If so, share it with your friends to open their eyes,

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