Persuasive Essay: Year-Round School

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Year Round Schools 80% of students between ages six through seventeen say that they get bored or run out of things to do over the course a long summer break. It recently has been debated on whether schools should have a long summer break, or year long school with several breaks. Most schools currently have school August through May, with a two month break for summer in between. The new proposal would require school to last all year with a shortened summer break, longer winter break, and a week long break in the spring and fall. Schools should be year-round because it’s easier for students to retain information, more spread out breaks, and students are more likely to get better grades. To begin, if schools were year-round it would be easier students to retain the information taught. During the long summer breaks most students forget everything they learned over the school year. For example, when a student goes on summer break the don’t spend time doing school work, and when a person doesn’t practise something they forget it. Students…show more content…
If schools were year-long than students would have much more time to review information. As an example, a student will have a few more days to review or study because of the year-long school. Teachers will also have more time to plan lessons, which will make learning more understandable for the student. A teacher who has to rush a lesson plan will create a poor, hard to understand lesson; but a teacher with time, will create a well thought out lesson. Year long schools will allow for kids to be less distracted and more focused on school. During summer break student forgot about school life, and when they go back they are unprepared for it causing them to get poor grades. Some people say year-long schools are bad because it shortens students summer break. This is false because students still receive the same length break just during separate times throughout the
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