Year Round School

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An issue that is hotly debated is if they should or should not have year round school. Many people say that it is not a good idea. There should not be year round school because, many people have jobs in the summer so it would affect them. Another example is scheduling issues like travel sports in the summer. Lastly it could affect families, many families go on vacation during the summer, causing them not to have much time together. Affecting jobs, schedules, and families explain why year round school is a bad idea.

Affecting jobs can become a very big issue. One example of a way it could could happen is summer camps. Summer camps would not have many kids to even have a camp. The employees who work there will not get paid and if the camp closes
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One reason that having year round school can affect families is by not having much time with them. Quality family time is important to the emotional and developmental well being of a child. Not having a summer break can make it difficult to schedule meaningful family time (Kalil). This analyzes that not having summer can affect relationships with families because they do not get to spend much time together for a long period of time. Another reason why year round school can affect families is if one kid goes to a different school that has year round school and the other goes to a normal school. Parents who have more than one kid might have them going to different schools on different schedules (Kelly). In other words, having 2 kids at different school may affect them seeing each other less than if there schools where the same. Although there are many more small breaks they could affect families. When kids have year round school there is going to be many more breaks, but those breaks could be when parents do not have breaks off for work (McCleary). This shows that parents that have jobs might not be able to just not work whenever they want because they will not get paid or could get fired, so just having more breaks will not let kids see their families and spend time with them as long as having summer…show more content…
“The National Summer Learning Association cites decades of research that shows that it can take anywhere from 8 to 13 weeks at the beginning of every school year for teachers to get their students back up to speed and ready to learn the new grades material” (Lynch). However, there is also evidence that supports how year round school is makes no difference in learning. The same article posted, “A study released in 2007 by The Ohio State University found that there are really no differences in learning between students who attend school year round and those who are on a traditional schedule” (Lynch).

A lot of people say that year round school can help with education because it is year round and they won’t forget things over a summer break. This can be true, but it could also be false, year round school can have bad effects on kids not being able to have a long break from school. To sum up, there should not be year round school because it can have a bad effect on, jobs, scheduling, and it can affect
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