Persuasive Hunting Research Paper

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Hunting is a very debatable issue around the world, it is a common sport, yet so many people are against it.

Hunting is a controversial and highly еmotive issue has been a topic for heated debates and the time has come to put things into perspective. Hunting has been around for many, many yеars. Almost since the beginning of humans themselves. However, hunting has changed drastically since it first began. People used hunting as a necessary way of life. They would use the animals meat for food, and their skin for clothes to stay warm. Now hunting is mostly used as a sport, trophy hunting is very common. Hunters will hunt for the joy and the thrill of killing an animal, but they do not consider the consequences.

Body 1:

Most animals don’t do anything to deserve being killed in the middle of their lives. Think about the harmless animals that haven 't been doing anything to hurt people. They get killed for no reason. Some people just want a new fur coat, some need a head on their wall, and others just want to kill for fun. Rabbits, deer, dogs and other animals get killed for stupid things like skins and fur. This will cause extinction and a change needs to happen.Hunting does not only affect the
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Body 2:
Hunting is a way of life for many pеople, it is in their cultures, and how they grew up and what they love to do. If there aren 't hunters many animals will start to become overpopulated. When an animal becomes overpopulated, it means that there will not be enough food for all of them. A common animal that is hunted very often because it is easily overpopulated is the deer. Hunting controls the population of deer, and many other animals.

Conclusion: I oppose the ignorant and barbaric slaughter of such beautiful and innocent animals by such ignorant people.I cannot stand the thought of killing animals for the thrill of it. Hunting must be banned because it 's cruel to kill animals. I have a heart and will never dream of hunting animals
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