Persuasive Letter About Animals

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The Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and mankind is 140, 000 years old. If we convert this time to a day so the Earth has been around for 24 hours, We have been here for only 3 seconds. 3 seconds. So much damage has been done in so little time. We live in a world where money is more valuable than life. This should be a crime! Trees provide us with oxygen, and give homes to animals. Now animals are killed to be placed in our homes-- --as decorations. Places, We need to make changes. I can’t believe the amount of greed, With all these animals in need. You can put money in a safe on your shelf, but I hope you know the damage done to the shelf that is no longer safe. The Arctic 's getting warmer, but our hearts are getting colder. You can turn…show more content…
In this three seconds. In a time shorter than a snapchat video, we have turned the precious animal kingdom into our own personal conveyor belt. This you can help! We’ve been given so much, Now our planet is on crutch. This is the problem with this generation,. We used to build treehouses in the leaves, Now all we care about is the leaves on dollar bills. Dear Donald Trump, You say you don’t believe in climate change. I dare you to visit the thousands of homeless people in Bangladesh, Whose homes were washed away due to rising sea levels. Or Fox News, You don’t believe the problem is fossil fuels. I dare you to talk to the kids in Beijing, that have to wear pollution masks just to go to school. We shouldn’t be shocked if there is stronger storms than ever before. More droughts, More hurricanes, and wildfires than ever before. Because there is more pollution than ever before. Leonardo Dicaprio said it perfectly. You will either be lauded by future generations, or vilified by them. You are the last, best hope of earth. Doing simple things can save our stems. Turn lights off when you leave a room, Or walk instead of driving your BMW. Buy foods grown locally, Or even spread awareness

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