Persuasive Letter For Animal Abuse

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July 20, 2015 Mayor Kip Holden Mayor of Baton Rouge 2255 Cottonwood Drive Baton Rouge LA 70722 Dear Mr. Holden: The purpose of this letter is to invite you, on behalf of the owners of Tim and Barbs Pet Shop and Boarding to be the guest speaker at the First annual pet festival. We would also be honored if you would speak at our pet owner annual meeting which will be on Friday August 7, 2015 at 7.30 pm at the Ball Room of the Holiday Inn. We are expecting somewhere around 250 Animal Rights member and about 200 or 300 + dogs, cat lovers to attend.…show more content…
You opinions are greatly appreciate on how we can work together to help with animals that are homeless and that have been abuse, neglected and not taken care of by their owners. If you can give some in site to what the city can do to help with stopping the cruelty and neglected to the animals and how the city propose to help do away with kill shelters. For your information we will have a Miss Lisa Canmore from the American dog’s kennel clubs to also be a special speaker on the subject of How many animals are being kill and how the no kill shelters are helping to find new homes and making a lots of pets feel loved again. Our theme is going to be How to show an animal love again. With your help and the city help we can save a lots of animals and find new homes for them to know what love is again. We already have quite a few people that want to help and save an animals life. There are some that have adopted a pet and gave it a new home so if you would like to let other member know what our objected are we would be please to tell them how they can get involved in the

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