Persuasive Letter For High School Essay

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Roughly three years ago all of my fellow EC14 peers received a letter that changed how we would view school for the next three years. Unfortunately, that letter was not delivered by a magical owl informing us of our acceptance into Hogwarts. Close, but not quite. Even so, the simple letter was not so little. This letter was the metaphorical door into a world we never knew existed, as cheesy as that sounds. All of us unexpectedly stepped into the most difficult semester of our academic lives. Instead of magic wands and potions, we had late nights of what seemed like endless homework and energy drinks. There was tears and anger mostly directed at the same people trying to help us. Frustration and exhaustion set in before many of us had the skills to effectively manage our time. Caffeine became a food group and we all became better students; not without out a little classic teenage rebellion and resistance first of course.
But we all wanted it. We wanted a degree. We wanted to be one step ahead of the competition. We wanted more than a typical
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You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.” ― J.M. Barrie, in the book Peter Pan. Many of us lost out on what most deem important high school experiences. Most “regular” high schools offer prom, sports, committees, friends you’ve known since 5th grade, and if you’re in the district transportation. Much of this is lost when the choice is made to go to TEC. Some of us still were able to go to prom, but sports had to be put second especially for the first semester of the program. Many friends were left behind and lost contact with. Transportation could be an issue if you’re not in the Lansing area. Some even had a far drive to and from school. There were personal sacrifices each and every one of us made. Whether it be a healthy social life, or a ride to school, or sleep, and everyone knows I love my sleep, it was still the cost we chose to
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