Persuasive Letter For Writing

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Dear future student of Dr. Papadopoulos’s EN101 course, it is my utmost pleasure to be writing this letter to you in order to better prepare you for this English course. College Composition helps you better understand how to truly write an essay, and the many “ingredients” it takes to put all together and form one. This skill will not only help you succeed in English courses to come, but it will help you form better essays throughout your college career. I will be explaining the process of creating and structuring an argumentative essay. An argument is comprised of a statement and proof, a belief and reasons, or a point of view and evidence. A statement without any proof is only an opinion, and only have the proof but no statement is suspended judgement. It is important to remember an argument is not fact. An argumentative essay includes six steps, which I will divide amongst three paragraphs throughout this letter. Firstly, the first paragraph of your argumentative essay would be context. This is where you should explain the background information surrounding the argument. For example, talk about why the argument began, or the subject behind the argument. It is important to avoid skipping this step, as there will be confusing for your audience to understand what is going on. Then, you can move onto beginning your discussion paragraphs. Now that you have given context, you must demonstrate that you have heard the opposition and understand it. An easy way to do so is to
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