Persuasive Letter From Birmingham Home

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ELMIRA (WENY) - After more than 30 years with the Elmira Fire Department, Chief Patrick Bermingham has hung up his hat. Monday night, Elmira City Council is expected to approve his retirement.

After being at a job for more than 30 years, it 's fair to say some people may get sick of it. But for Elmira Fire Chief Patrick Bermingham he says up until the very last day, there was no other job he ever wanted to do. Since he was five years old, Patrick Bermingham knew what he wanted to be when he grew up - a fireman. "I really got the job I always wanted since I was a kid," says Chief Bermingham.

Chief Bermingham was hired in 1981 where he served as a private for 12 years. He eventually worked his way up the ladder to fire chief in 2009.
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"The fall made that decision for me if you will. I tried to hang on but didn 't have the time. I have more surgeries coming up and the department deserves someone out in front," says Chief Bermingham.

For more than 100 years, the Bermingham family has been serving the community through the Elmira Fire Department. "My great grandfather, great-great grandfather for a short time, actually great-great-great grandfather who was a part of the red rover company from 1849 through 1869 he 's on their roster," explains Chief Bermingham. Even with Patrick 's retirement, the Bermingham legacy lives on with his son Michael, who 's been with the department for seven years.

Chief Bermingham says after recovering from his next surgery he plans to start living out the retired life. By spending more time in the garden, traveling with his wife and says he plans to keep
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