Why Guns Should Be Banned Persuasive Essay

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Mr Lappiere, With uttermost respect, I staunchly oppose as well as condemn of your opinions of gun ownership. Therefore, I, whose family was a victim in the Columbine High School Massacre, am writing to represent the people of the United States, whom are injured or whose family members that are wounded by the use of guns, to convince you the reasons why this country should reinforce the gun control as well as to restrict ownership of guns to the exceptionally adept, competent defense military personnel only, should be illicit from all noncombatant for the reason as nonessential accidents only disrupts the peace every civilians would like to achieve, while chaos descends. Antithetical to your profound beliefs, I think that guns expose more…show more content…
Bang! Once its hauled, nothing can be undone. “What’s done cannot be undone.”- Macbeth. Evidently, someone can never be revived; a broken heart can never be utterly alleviated. Just in a blink of an eye, a decision is made by an intruder without your knowledge until the last second… when it’s already immensely late. What do you think the families undergoes, incapable to see their loved ones anew? What about the person dying a slow, arduous death, barely able to say their last words, and their precious lives taken away from them? Not being able to achieve their ambitions, not being able to spare more time with people they cherish? The agony of shedding their last tear while knowing they might not survive? Consequently, seven children and teenagers below the age of 19 are killed with guns in the United States on an average day. Correspondingly, annually 78,815 people get injured because of the usage of guns. In average, 216 people are injured daily because of dangerous firearms. Guns also contribute to mental and psychological trauma, such as Hoplophobia, the fear of firearms, Haemophobia, the phobia of blood, Thanatophobia, the anxiety of death, and plenty more. People are dying, suffering, every moment you read this letter Mr Lappiere! Does the world need more justifications to figure that we need to increase gun control? To address these problems, gun control laws should be reinforced, so that gratuitous deaths and lacerations can be
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