Persuasive Letter To School

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I have recently been going around and talking to a few students about concerns regarding their experiences at school. I was able to understand on a personal level on what some of the students felt needed to be done around Madison County High School. This letter includes some of the most voiced problems were and some proposed ideas to correct these problems.
Multiple students have said that due to construction, there isn't really much of a place to go in the morning. There have been numerous complaints that the cafeteria is overcrowded and I have even witnessed it being a struggle just to leave the cafeteria in the morning due to it being that crowded. It is hard to stand outside in the mornings due to the recent weather being cold. Teachers have said that we could go to the library in the morning but the library is limited on space and isn't the best alternative. A possible solution is to let students sit/stand in the hallway by the office entrance near the cafeteria as long as they are not blocking the doors and
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For example, Ms.Gudz has stopped assigning homework in her class because she claims that she was told to stop assigning it because a few students wouldn't be responsible and do their homework. Homework's purpose is to reassess the information that is being taught in class. Especially with subjects like Algebra II, students tend to struggle with obtaining the information without the help of homework. Some students even claimed that homework helped bring up their grades whenever they didn't do so well on a test. A possible solution is to reassign homework to help better grades in math classes. Benefits of reassigning homework in math class includes the fact that homework helped bring up the grades of students who did homework and it helps reassess information, however, for the students who don't take responsibility and do their homework, their grade will
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