Persuasive Letter To Shark

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Haline Penaloza
April 28, 2016
Hello humans,
I’m a non-threatening hammerhead shark writing this letter for you humans. There are many things wrong in this world and one of the biggest issues would be the killing of my kind. Around 100 million of the shark species are killed each year and very well be gone in the next decades. We are getting killed by greed of people while our existence plays a huge role in the ocean ecosystem.
We are really amazing creatures. Us sharks have been around than almost any kind of life such as around 400 million years. Just like people, sharks come in different sizes and colors. The reason fish or any other marine life adapt and change is solely because of our existence. We are at the very top of the food chain for a reason and humans are throwing it off. My kind balance the food chain and keep other populations steady. Sharks are so cool that we have incredible senses such as the ones humans have and additional ones. They include detecting electric fields and even vibrations. Our sense of smell is amazing too that we are able to smell blood 3 miles away.
So many people are exposed to fear sharks at a young age by the media or movies. These are all false and dumb accusations. We are anything but what they make us out to be which is uncalled for. People grow up with this hatred toward
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Even I have been caught, but a very kind human saw me and quickly helped me escape. He is the reason why I know there are good humans out there and I appreciate their kindness and how they’re fighting for us. My friends are captured and soon after killed for their fins, teeth, jaws,skin, cartilage and liver oil. What’s even worse those fishers dump the body out in the ocean. The fins are used for soups that supposedly cure cancer and other diseases which is highly untrue. Because of these myths, the shark population is rapidly

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