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Persuasive message means to convince the receiver to change his ideas and opt the ideas or changes which the communicator wants. When the person is in thoughtful way his reply to the message depends on the merits of message and when the persons is in mindlessly way takes the decision how attractive the speakers speaks or the he communicate his message and also reaction of the receiver is important.

Elements of persuasive message:
1. Understand the audience: The communicator should identify the decision maker and make him a centre of influence. The communicator should know the what the audience know about what his communicating? What they interesting to know?,
To see the interest of audience. The communicator should see the attitude of
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Credibility: It includes the various kind of things like how the message is been communicated to the audience like.
• For good intention for the audience.
• How interestingly you are conveying the message to other.
• It should be genuine what the communicator tells to his audience.
There should not be any spelling mistake or grammatical errors.
5. Build interest
• Prove that the accuracy and merit of your request with the facts, figures, expert, examples, and details.
• Avoid sounding high-pressured, angry, or emotional.
• Suggest direct and indirect benefits for the receiver.

6. Gain attention :
• Requesting favors: Begin with a compliment, unexpected fact, stimulating question, reader benefit, summary of problem, or candid plea for help.
• To claims open with a review of the action you have taken to resolve the problem.
7. Motivate action :
• Ask for specific action confidently.
• Include an end of date, if appropriate.
• Repeat a key benefit.

Three steps writing the process of persuasive message :

To create a persuasive message use the three step writing process. The process will help you simplify your idea or project in the best form to convince you audience that it is the best alternative. The key point to remember is the

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