Persuasive Principles In Presidential Speech

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In this six persuasive principles the researcher will analyze how Obama implement the persuasive principles in his presidential campaign speech. The persuasive utterances made by Obama in the presidential campaign activities were found to use these principles effectively. Moreover, the results of the analysis shows that there are twenty-six ( 26 ) persuasive utterance found which they are divided into ( 2 ) Concistance ( 12 ) Authorithy ( 3 ) Social evidence ( 4 ) Preference ( 4 ) Rareness. The followings are some explanations regarding to the classificaton of the principles. 1. Consistence Principle According to Cialdini the aplication of the consitence principle is when the speaker use people desire to be consistent with what they have already done. Because in our society being consistence is viewed as rational, assured, trustworthy, and sound, whereas the people who do not may be judged as fickle, uncertain, or unstable . Therefore once people make a choice or take a stand, they will encounter personal and interpersonal pressures to behave consistently with that commitment. Those pressures will cause people to respond in ways that justify their earlier decision. This is the analysis of consistence principle reflected in Obama speech: The second consistence principle appear at 26th line when Obama ask the audience to commit to serve their comunity or their country will afford the tuition and the one who invest in America and America do the viceversa. The audience were

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