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Asthma in Connecticut

As a common chronic non-communicable disease, asthma has immensely affected as many as 334 million people across the globe (Global Asthma Network, 2014). Asthma did not only cause substantial burden to people, but it often caused a reduced quality of life because of its physical, psychological, economic, and social effects. Hence, it is important that healthcare institutions are able to provide appropriate medication to cure asthma. In line with this assertion, this paper will discuss about the background of the disease. This paper will also provide for a review of current surveillance methods for reporting the disease for providers, and a descriptive analysis of the disease. Lastly, this paper will review how the disease
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Internationally, the epidemiology of asthma shows that the disease varies greatly in different regions around the world. Such variation results from distinct genetic, environmental and occupational risk factors (Smith, 2017). However, the prevalence appears to be reaching a plateau in high-income countries, whereas prevalence continues to rise in low and middle-income countries (Smith, 2017). Worldwide, it is estimated that there are about 334 million people who have asthma, and there are about 250, 000 deaths attributed to such disease each year (Smith, 2017). The prevalence of asthma is continuing to grow, and as a matter of fact, it is estimated that by 2015, the overall prevalence of asthma shall increase by 100 million (Smith,…show more content…
In 2014, Connecticut even incurred over $135 million for acute care charges because of asthma (Department of Public Health, 2017). Of the $135 million asthma acute care charges, about $92.8 million was spent for hospitalization, and $42.5 million was spent for emergency department visit (Department of Public Health, 2017). In addition, 76% of the $135 million was charged to public funds.

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