How To Stop Cyberbullying

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“The only way to get the respect you deserve is to die.” The computer was empty, except for those last words typed by thirteen year old Alex before he committed suicide. He was cyberbullied by a group of girls, causing his self esteem to plummet. They bullied him for his size and what he could do physically. By June of 2004, he was fed up with all the hurt and pain, so he shot himself in the head with his grandfather’s gun (Anderson & Sturm 1). There are at least 4500 children who feel the same way and commit suicide every year due to cyberbullying (“Cyberbullying Rampant on” 1). Although 4500 children is not a sizable amount of the population, about twenty three percent of people are cyberbullied as of 2018 (Bock 1). Cyberbullying is an issue that any child or even adult could experience . Its results are disastrous physically, emotionally, and mentally for the victims, especially if the bullies never stop. Luckily, there are several solutions to decrease or stop cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a serious issue that no one should have to undergo because it negatively affects their self-image, causing them to feel insecure and unsafe.
Cyberbullying is not typically seen
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Children may not be close to their parents or teachers, so telling an adult may only make the situation worse for the child. Everyone is different, so whether it be telling a parent or going through therapy, it may make the child emotionally uncomfortable or even more emotionally unstable. Also, most parents did not rise up with the internet, so either they do not understand or they tell their child to ignore it. Parents are inadequate in general because children know more about technology. Parents only lead kids to the previous solution, ignoring it, so telling parents could be useless and completely ineffective to stopping the cyberbullying. Although telling parents about being cyberbullied is a good idea, it is mainly fruitless and creates an endless cycle of

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