Persuasive School Uniforms

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Dear, Mrs. Bock, In schools all around the world student have to wear uniforms instead of a dress code. Unlike schools in Westborough, schools that have uniforms have many more benefits than schools that don 't. The amount of schools with uniforms in the US has risen about 20% (National Center for Education Statistics)Uniforms are a great way to improve schools. They are a perfect way to improve schools.This is why students should be enforced to wear uniforms.Uniforms do many amazing things like reduce bullying, give schools better records, and they can even save money!

In today 's society, teens feel pressure to go along with the latest trends and get the coolest clothes. Teens do this because they want to avoid getting picked on or bullied, they are also afraid of feeling left out. That is one of the many benefits of school uniform. They would prevent the issues above from happening. This is one of the many reasons why students should wear uniforms. Much of bullying (39%) occurs because of clothing, which would not happen if uniforms were enforced. (Source 3) If uniforms are made One example of uniforms reducing bullying is bragging. If everyone is wearing uniforms it leaves no space for people to brag about their clothes. Nobody can have a trendy outfit and pick on others who have less “cool” clothes. There would be more equality between the students. Another way students wearing uniforms will prevent bragging is clothes with opposing sports teams logos. When
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