Persuasive Semi-State Speech

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Semi-state decides if your seasons ends or you make it to state. State is a huge thing in wrestling. It not like all sports because it 's you by yourself. You worked all season to get to that ticket round match and win. The week leading up to semi-state is very quiet. What I mean by quiet is that in class and in practice it 's all very serious. There 's not a lot of messing around. It 's just you and your teammates focusing all week. You have to make practice very hard on yourself. You have to make sure you 're completely focused and going 100%. Outside of practice you have a lot of people distraction you. There will be the people saying stuff like “You made it to semi-state that’s so good.” There will also be the people that say stuff like “Win or lose you made it to semi-state that 's really good.” It 's good that people are supporting you but you can’t listen to that…show more content…
Thats makes you feel like you went far enough to please other people. You can’t be complacent in the sport of wrestling because that 's where things go wrong. What i’m saying is that the week leading up to semi-state has to be very focused. Freshman of any sport is very hard because it 's your first year of “high school athletics.” You have to learn how to go hard in practice. My freshman year of wrestling was alright and what I mean by that is that it wasn 't the best. My coach and I had expectations of me making it to semi-state. I really didn 't know
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