Persuasive Sex Education

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Sex education is essential to the younger generation in keeping them aware of the risks following sexual activities. While teaching sex education to children has diminished over the years, in actuality, society finds this as an arguable debate on whether it should or should not be taught in schools. Many people feel that morals are lowered when the use of condoms and anti-fertility are introduced in schools. Parents sense that this form of education urges adolescents to experiment instead of abstaining. Being that the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate, here are a few reasons why sex education should be increased in school settings: it continuously decreases the rates of STD 's and pregnancies, explains the consequences following sexual activity, and helps with abstaining until marriage.
High schools that offer comprehensive programs have a high success rate. Successful sex education programs prevent STD 's and unplanned pregnancies. According to the CDC, “the United States has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in the developed world” (McMahon, Stokely.) Teenage mothers are more likely to become drop-outs living in poverty. Sex education programs are an important factor in our younger generation’s lives. Without some sort of program who knows what the pregnancy and STD rates will look like. According to the author, Stokely Anne,” more than 15 million Americans are infected with a sexually transmitted disease each year, and

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