Persuasive Short Story

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Natsu, being bumbly tumbly boy he was, ran around his house half naked while his mother ran after him with his shirt. Being the man he was he absolutely can 't wear a shirt! Manly men never wore shirts, his father had told him that and his daddy was always right.

"Natssuuu!" he heard his mom call for him. He giggled to himself as he went out into the backyard, closing the door behind him. He heard his mother sigh before she went away, probably shaking her head at her son 's antics.

He smiled, cheering a little at his win. He flexed his arms a little, looking proudly at the nearly non-existent bumps of his biceps. One day he was gonna be as strong and big as his dad.

Now that he was out here, he decided to go faerie hunting. Ever since his granpa had told him about faeries and their pretty wings he had wanted to meet one. He had mentioned the same to his granpa who had told him that faeries always lived near flowers.

And that began the tale of Natsu the little gardener. With the help of his mommy and granny he had planted many, many flowers in their extended backyard. And with backyard, he meant the whole open grassy grounds behind their house that led straight to the tall fir forest. There was a pretty lake in there too where he went with his family for weekly picnics.

He checked his pockets and nodded to himself when he found a half eaten bar of chocolate. He had bought it for the faerie but after numerous hunts he had ended up eating half of it himself. Hopefully the

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