Informative Speech: Duck Calls

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Introduction I. (demonstrates duck calling) II. By a show of hands who knows what I just did. What I just did is called duck calling. III. Duck calling is the way you get ducks to come to you when hunting or even just for fun. You could even be in competitions if you get good at it. Now lets go over how we even make those sounds. Body I. First of all you are going to need a duck call. (shows duck calls) .I know you’re probably thinking why so many if they all sound the could say they are rather eclectic. A. my answer is that they all have slightly different sounds and uses. 1. This call is a timber call used in and around trees where it won’t need to be so loud. 2. This is an open water call…show more content…
Remember take it slow. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you must crawl before learning to run. B. Now that you’ve got that down pat you can try the hail call or the come here call. 1. This is achieved by saying whit. The cadence that you should go off of is three blind mice. (shows with call). You want the first quack to be the most hardy. 2. Now that you 've got that you know all the basics. C. close your eyes and imagine you 're in a field watching a group of ducks. As they come directly at you, you start feed calling. (feed calls) But they pick you out and start to leave so your next move is the come back call. (starts calling) you 've got them locked in this time so you go back to feed calling and they glide right into the field you are in. D. let me tell you about some of the biggest mistakes i 've made while duck calling. 1. Nothing is worse than having ducks that are working in and you out of the blue squeal a note. (squeals a note ) Those ducks are like nope nope nope gotta go. 2. Or how about when you make the same tone quack several times in a row and lose them because it sounds like one their buddies are
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