Persuasive Speech: A Speech On Duck Calling

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Introduction I. (demonstrates duck calling) II. By a show of hands who knows what I just did. What I just did is called duck calling. III. Duck calling is the way you get ducks to come to you when hunting or even just for fun. You could even be in competitions if you get good at it. Now lets go over how we even make those sounds. Body I. First of all you are going to need a duck call. (shows duck calls) .I know you’re probably thinking why so many if they all sound the could say they are rather eclectic. A. my answer is that they all have slightly different sounds and uses. 1. This call is a timber call used in and around trees where it won’t need to be so loud. 2. This is an open water call with needs to be much louder. The holes in the end of the call determine how loud it can be. 3. On the inside of the call we have a reed made of milare which is held in by a cork wedge. When air travels through the call it causes the reed to vibrate thus causing our duck sounds. II. So now that you have some knowledge as to what causes the sounds let’s see how we hold it along with blowing it. A. let’s start with how to hold the call. 1. I was always taught that you should hold it to your mouth like you 're drinking out of a coke bottle. 2. Then you want to cup your hand around it like so. You don 't want to close your

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