Persuasive Speech About Addiction

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We all have that one thong (or group of things) that we just have this unexplainable love for doing. That thing that you just feel relaxed and happy engaging in. It could be chocolate, alcohol, smoking, TV, anything at all. While it 's not bad to simply love eating or doing something, in particular, there comes a little problem when this loves stretches to become something else. Something that makes you feel almost incomplete without actually engaging in that activity. That something is an ADDICTION. Addictions are strong (and usually harmful) desires to have or do something. When you develop an addiction to something, it becomes almost impossible for you to imagine yourself without it; something which in itself is a problem as that ‘thing ' could be cut from your life at any point. Developing an addiction has a way of breaking you down and making you feel just miserable, especially if you 've not got access to that thing which you 've developed an addiction to. However, there are some easy ways through which you can get over an addiction. These steps have been time tested but at the same time, you should also know that these steps are not magic. They will take their sweet time to work and will…show more content…
As friends, their job is to help you in recuperating and getting better. You 've most probably heard the saying "A problem shared is one solved", right? We 'll it could work for an addiction as well. Speak to a friend or two about it and try to look for ways out of the issue. They can be a source of moral and psychological support and can also be your support system when the absence of that thing you 're addicted to begins to affect you because trust me, it won 't be easy. However, when choosing such friends, make sure that they are people you can trust. They need to be positive influences, not people that will go about harping about your issue to any soul who would
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