Persuasive Speech About Alcohol

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Alcohol, the go to drink to every teenager on weekends. If you are a teenager and you have not tried it, well your time will come soon. Having the taste of either juice or something strong in your mouth to loosen you up, who would say no to that? If you have no tried alcohol yet or it is not yet an addiction for you, then what are you waiting for? Alcohol will put your life into place and it will make things so much more fun for you without any hard work. Just a couple of drinks and the magic happens. What magic you may be wondering well continue reading and you will find out. Don’t you want to tell the girl or guy of your dreams how you feel but your too scared. Well take alcohol and it will get rid of that fear. You will be able to tell him or her everything you need without any effort how amazing does that sound. The chance of having the person of your dreams to be yours with a couple of drinks in your system, who would say not to that? Not only that but what if it all goes wrong and she does not feel the same way for you, you just drink a couple more drinks and the next day you will not remember anything. Waking up with no memories of the most embarrassing moment of your life, you can not ask for more than that. Are you too shy to dance at a party or in front of people? Alcohol is the answer to that problem. It will take that shyness away for you. Just take a couple of drinks and it will loosen you up. In a couple of minutes you will no longer just stand in a corner
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