Persuasive Speech About Aliens

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If one day aliens from a highly developed civilization visited our planet earth they would encounter a number of contradictory things. The first thing the aliens would encounter would be us, humans of planet earth. I’m sure there would be numerous things that us, the humans would feel proud about, but also ashamed about that the aliens would encounter. Depending upon where the aliens land on planet earth I’m sure they would find our planet to be very beautiful. The vast majority of our planet earth is covered in green, and spectacular sights. From the mountains, to the oceans, to some of our planets most extravagant sights. They could land at the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids of Egypt, Niagara Falls, or the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Wherever it be, it’s likely their encountering something beautiful and intriguing. Otherwise they land in the slums of India, or the Ghetto of D.C. and discover something not so beautiful but maybe interesting to them. The United States is known for its vast variety of culture. American culture encompasses almost every single other country in the world. To land in the United States the aliens would see people of every color, race, and background. This is something to be proud about, we hold so much value in being a diverse country. Otherwise I think the aliens could be confused to how there is so many different types of human beings that exist on this earth. Another thing we should be proud of if aliens decided to inhabit our land in
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