Persuasive Speech About Animal Abuse

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Animals are being abused everyday and they are not taken into consideration when you see them being abused. They are suffering and they are being abused everyday and you all need to stop it. Animal cruelty is not something that just goes away the person doing it will keep doing it until someone stops them. Everyone needs to stop animal abuse and if everyone starts to make a difference others will to. Animals need help with this and everyone needs to help them. Animals all over the world are being abused every single day most of them will not make it to see tomorrow or have the love of a family they desire. Animals are not just objects used for your entertainment or for your sports but they are meant to either be wild or to be loved by a family who will not abuse them. You should not abuse them or abandoned them to fend for themselves when all they need is a little bit of love to make them happy. There are many sports that use particularly dogs and most of them are called dog fights which are used for your entertainment and they abuse the dogs to make them fear humans and other dogs. Dogs should not be afraid of other dogs but they should be able to cooperate with each other and have a family that will not abuse them and make the fight. These animals should be taken to animal shelters and taken away from the people who beat them and make them fight. If you ever see a dog walking on the side of the road and it looks like its malnurited then you should do it a favor and take

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