Life Without Salt Water Essay

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I was 34 last year (yes I know I keep telling everyone) and I am in the best shape of my life. I have more energy now than I had when I was 18. My body was better equipped at 18 but I certainly feel a lot better than I did then. I find it funny therefore that we accept the fact that as we grow older, we have to just “slowly waste away”. There are some classic excuses flying about age, “I am overweight because I am forty” or “That is just what happens when you get on a bit” From a mindset point of view, a lot of people convince themselves that healthy eating and exercise has to completely stop when we reach a certain age. The only time age provides a barrier is when we “think” it does. The first stage of breaking the age rules is to set realistic…show more content…
However, if you want a flat stomach, salt consumption can be problematic as too much salt causes bloating. The signs are more prominent on the stomach than anywhere else on the body. Salts can also cause high blood pressure which can lead to other health problems, so it is beneficial to reduce your salt intake for several reasons. Drink lots of liquid Liquids you should drink do not include sodas, alcohol or drinks that are filled with sugar; you need to either opt for natural fruit juices, green tea or water. Green tea has been used in weight loss plans for many years because it is known for burning fat and boosting metabolism. Water is certainly the healthiest drink you could opt for in your efforts to lose weight and achieve a flat stomach. It can help to flush out salt or sodium from the body and reduce the possibility of bloating. Focus on abdominal exercises If your main goal is to lose weight, then you will undoubtedly need to incorporate some type of exercise routine into your daily life. Along with cardiovascular exercise, there are a variety of exercises from which to choose that target the different muscles in the stomach. Some of the most effective abdominal exercises
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